Top Scholarships You Can Qualify for Online School


Going to an online school can be costly, despite being less expensive than going to school personally since you won’t have to allot funds for transportation expenses and other miscellaneous expenses that you would need to pay for when you go to school. It cannot be denied though that even going to a school online can be expensive, which is what scholarships are for in the first place.

There are lots of internet courses you can choose from, depending on your interest and the degree you want to take up. And you can apply for scholarships to support those classes. One of the most popular scholarships offered online is the GetEducated Distance Learning Scholarship. You’d be required to have a minimum of 3.0 GPA and a 500-word essay to apply for the scholarship.

The thing with this scholarship though is that you have to be an American citizen and must be currently enrolled in an accredited online school. It is awarded to students based on both merit and financial needs and is given to students two times a year, which occurs in April and October.

Another scholarship that you can consider is the Scholars for Development International Distance Learning Scholarship. While most of the scholarships offered are limited to American citizens online, this scholarship can also be offered to international citizens who want to attend internet courses for free or for a more affordable price.

This scholarship aims to provide opportunities to lots of individuals in the hope that they will be able to help improve the world. The scholarship will have specific requirements and qualifications that would need to be considered. Another consideration is the country that the student originated from. Basing on student’s financial needs and merit, it can offer up to $1,000 for the online school.

You can also choose the Penn State World Campus Scholarship. Penn State offers online distance learning program that offers different internet courses along with great scholarships that students pursuing a degree in the school. Some of the qualifications for students include US citizenship, specific minimum GPA, and other required papers and documents that could proof further eligibility.

SHRM scholarship can be applied to by current members. This scholarship can be applied to distance learning programs of various degrees and fields. It is limited to US citizens who are member of SHRM. The scholarship can cover the tuition fee for up to $750. It is merit-based and would require extensive volunteer and work experience.

These are only few of the scholarships that can help you for your online education. There are a lot more available in the online world today waiting to be uncovered.


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  1. I would to home learning kind of scholarship that is am akenyan and would wish to be assisted just from here is that possible?

  2. I am quite interested in learning business and management.I want to get scholarship in Canada.Though I haven’t attended the university in my hometown, I want to get the scholarship. I made a plan to study master degree abroad.But I really hope to get scholarship in Canada

  3. I would like to enroll for and online masters course in social work. Please could you avail me with application guidelines and requirements and available vacancies.

  4. My name is Eunice ..and I would like to enroll a degree in business finance ..kindly can I get this scholarship??

  5. I would like to study further as i am one of the most disadvantage children that could not study further because of financial constrain I would like to study in a field that will help me through my future and be a better person in life

  6. I am a pakistani student. (BS Honors in English from GC University Faislabaad. Plz tell me you can help me finacially or no?
    Thank you

  7. I’m from Zambia, I want to study Master in Actuarial Science / Master in mathematics and statistics / Master in Business administration (preferably in quantitative analysis) but the problem is Sponsorship. I’ll be more than grateful to receive Sponsorship to study any of the above. I studied Mathematics and statistics single major when I went for my first degree.

  8. I’m from Tanzania, I would like to have scholarship for undergraduate in Business Administration.

    What are the requirement for it?

  9. my name is Alazar Gebrekidan from Ethiopia. I have BA degree in
    Accounting and finance a Good GPA. i am 23 years old. “my best
    wish in my life is to be one of intellectual people”, i have a willing to enjoy your scholarship. please select me …my telephone no +25191681713 Thanxs

  10. It is a great honor to get a scholarship especially for a needy person who is interested in furthering his studies, that is why am requesting for guides into getting an on-line course especially in Agric-business fields for a masters.
    Thank you.

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