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Taking your college education online can be very flexible due to the fact that it is taken online. Aside from that, numerous accredited online universities also offer various courses ranging from Computer Science to Engineering and Communications majors. Also, due to its current stature as an industry, online schooling has also produced known accredited online universities.

These universities are known to have the best programs for college education online. Aside from the quality of education they offer, these universities are also known to provide people with chances to avail scholarships. There are numerous ways to avail scholarships when it comes to online schooling. One conventional way of doing so is by directly approaching an online university and work your way to a scholarship with the ways that the said school is offering. Also, you can choose from a list of universities offering scholarships and apply to those schools for a scholarship. Lastly, you can also look for online scholarships offered by different companies or foundations and find online universities eligible for such processes.

Just like established universities outside the realm of the World Wide Web, online schools also require their applicants to take an entrance exam which will usually cost the person around $20.  The goo thing with this is that some universities include the entrance test for the scholarship package where the applicants may take a scholarship exam for free.

One of the universities offering college education online is the University of the People which is an accredited school by the Distance Education and Training Council. This university specializes in courses in relation to Computer Science and Business Administration.

When it comes to religious courses, the Central Christian College of the Bible is a school to consider. The said college is accredited by the Association for Biblical Higher Education.

For the study of music, the Curtis Institute of Music is a known online university offering musically-talented students with students to further unlock their potential.

These are just some of the accredited online universities out there today and these are testaments to how easy and affordable getting a college education online can get.


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  1. I earn less 1000ghc which is less than 300 dollars so please I want you to help get a full scholarship to pursue my masters program. And also help me through the application process, I hold a bsc human resource management second class lower, I want to pursue a masters in businEssex or public administration .

    • Hie..im desperately in need of a scholarship.i can’t proceed with education because of financial difficulties.im so hoping that you could assist me.thank you

  2. hi, i want to avail online studies and i want also to avail scholarship because i can afford to sustain my studies because i have 6 children and separated from my husband in order for to sustain the needs of my kids i want to studies to have good job.

  3. Hey I want to take this opportunity to study hard and try to change my families background since we are very poor and can’t afford even school fees and food sometimes

  4. Hey I want to apply for some scholarships to start my Bachelors degree in Science due to my situation in the family without a father paying for me and I have siblings so my mum wouldn’t be able to pay both my University fees and siblings school fees.


  5. This is lovely admirable. May I get grant to start up business because atleast I have bachelor’s degree, but no job. I have ideas to create wealth to help myself and impact the lives of others in my community. Please help me with money. Thank you for your expedite action.

  6. Message
    hello, I will be glad if I’m raised capital to start doing a business that can afford me to continue with additional educational courses in my locality. thank you.

  7. Hey I want to take this opportunity to study hard and try to change my families background since we are very poor and can’t afford even school fees and food sometimes

  8. Hello, I’m so glad to this chance to study and change the lifestyle of my family for better life, because we live hard conditions . Ihope that thank you so much.

  9. I’ve already pay my 1st part of schoolfees but now I have not accessibility to courses because I did not have yet paid the remaining part of my schoolfees .
    The only part was 250Euro and I need to pay 226 Euro.
    Please haelp me to pay this part.

  10. Hi am poni scovia Gabriel, I did certificate in procurement and logistics management, and I can’t continue due to the economic crisis and war in our country so please if u give me this offer I will be glad.nationality South Sudanese

  11. I’m currently looking for an international scholarship around Italy , USA and Europe .I want to explore other countries .
    Please assist me

  12. Hi am bashimwe wellars am from Rwanda i have Senior six certificate in maths economics and geography plus entrepreneurship and I cant continue due to economic crisis in my family so please if u give me this chance i will continue my class. please assist me.thank you…i need that opportunity.

  13. I am already studying the Russian language in Russia..Can I get a scholarship to complete my studies in Russia.. after my language study?

  14. Please I’m Boateng Emmanuel Nyarko from Ghana and I need full scholarship to study degree in Computer Engineering

  15. Message
    Hi I am Maria from South Africa and I need scholarship to take over to my fees at private college.No one at home is earning any source of income.It is very hard for me.I want to study Diploma in Information Technology in software development in Varsity College Pretoria.I am looking forward to hear response from you.Thank you.

  16. Message


    I am about to finish my university studies.I have done economy,but now I wanna continue with internee audit!

    Ok,I thank you very much for your support!

  17. Iam Alick Changata from Malawi, a school leaver ( GCE O LEVEL).lam looking for a full scholarship,l wanted to do Business administration

  18. My name is Gaone Didi Phale. I applied for a Masters Programme, in Agriculture for sustainable development. I received two emails confirming that I got accepted to study in THE UNIVERSITY OF GREENWICH. My problem now are finds. I have to pay for full admission 3000 UK pound. I am a teacher in Botswana, and my salary can hardly put food on the table for me and my five kids. I desperately need a scholarship as I would like to change my life for the better and eventually change the livelihoods of poor farmers in my country

  19. Dear sir/ma..i kindly request full scholarship.
    I earn less 5000Naira a day which is less than 100 dollars so please I want you to help me get a full scholarship to pursue my masters program, I want to pursue a masters in web design..thanks alot in advance.

  20. Dear sir/ma..i kindly request full .
    I earn less 5000Naira a day which is less than 100 dollars so please I want you to help me get a full scholarship to pursue my masters program, I want to pursue a masters in web design..thanks alot in advance.

  21. zine Mesbah from Algeria 46 years in the mid-career government administration 4 yaer obtained a baccalaureate +03years of university study in Business Administration Law or in management. or Mba
    I want to continue to study for a master’s in public administration
    Or public policies
    Strategies and development I hope a guideline on how to get a scholarship or financial

  22. Im wellington tigere from Zimbabwe I want to study business management and administration. l am looking for a full scholarship may you please assist me l want to further my studies.

  23. Am a graduate with a bachelor of science in marketing with asecond class upper of 3.99 n who has not gotten a job to earn me a living can’t u please offer me a full scholarship.. In accounting..Thanks lilian

  24. i am Raidone Salvado from MOzambique i am searching this kind of opportunity in finacial assistance to overhead my studies in education matter

  25. i am Raidone Salvado from MOzambique i am searching this kind of opportunity in finacial assistance as scholarship to overhead my studies in education matter


  27. i have bsc in construction technology and management i want to specialize on related field of studies so , i need your help.

  28. I am Albert from Kenya, aged 21
    Have pursed a diploma programme in mechanical engineering, from the technical university of Mombasa situated in Kenya, and I\’ll appreciate your assistance in giving me the opportunity to explore and boost my knowledge in technology and boost my career and be a better person to help the world in general, bring Africa forward mostly probably my country with the help from you to accept me to continue my studies there .
    I would to enroll a degree in mechanical engineering or techonlgy science

  29. I\’m a 19 year old Zimbabwean wishing to attain an academic scholarship ,studying Accounting at your university, my dream is to become an Accoutant .I just finished my \’A\’level last year .I\’d appreciate it so much if you could assist me in pursuing my goals.thank you

  30. Dear sir/Madam
    how are you?
    I am Endeshaw Yibeltal from Ethiopia,I am glade interested if I will get this scholar ship chance in master degree in finance or management fields.

  31. Hey I am Michael Karimbika aged 17 and I am an undergraduate looking for a scholarship from any country and I would like to take a career which is in the Science field and I am from Zimbabwe

  32. Im a 16 year old Zimbabwean desparetely in need of a scholarship to study medicine commencing with a foundation year. Thank you for such a platform that gives students the opportunity to excel.

  33. Hi i am somali my name is mustaf now i am secondary level of study and i am class form four now after four months i will graduate and i want to get a scholarship please help me for the way that i get a scholarship
    Thank you

  34. am James banda from Zambia in particular I completed my high school last year BT am desperately in need of a scholarship the reason is because In my family we have financial issues n its difficult for us just get money to go to university I necessarily need a scholarship to study mechanical engineering, and this has always been a dream BT no its shuttering now BT for this offer I would be very grateful I have good results but where do I go with them.

  35. Mbuy Yokota
    am Mbuy Yokota a congolese by nationality looking for scholorship grant, my dreams is to become a professional in science, but i Cannot do that without obtaining higher education, i acquired diploma in biology and chemical in RDCONGO,
    I humbly write to you in a request for your financial support to further my studies so that i can meet my dreams . I will do that is necessary and important to recognize your kindness to me

  36. Message
    dear sir/madam

    I am from Swaziland. I would love to study Counselling Psychology. I can not afford to pay for my studies, please I request a full scholarship in order to achieve my dreams.

  37. Am a Ugandan male who has the passion to excel in education, i hold a Masters of Development Studies, and i wish to pursue a Doctoral course in either Rural Development, Public Policy, Conflict Resolution, Humanitarian Action and Public Administration. My income is too little to enable me realize my dream. I therefore seek for full scholarship. Thanks

  38. from tanzania! i have diploma in early child hood.my dream is to have degree and masters.but problem is money! pleas help me to fulfil my dream.

  39. Hello Am Kunene Thembisile can someone help me in fully funding scholarships for medicine in UK St Georges university

  40. Hi am Japhet mbote from Kenya, am very great of this favour you have given to people, I face financial difficulties that is why am unable to proceeds with my education, I would like to pursue religious students am currently a local pastor but I hope with you support I can realize my dream

  41. Hii, I am adil Hussain mir live in India Srinagar i have of problem beacuze of money I want to become a bechlor of science but v belong to a poor family our family income is very low that is why we can not fulfill it so I request to u plzz give me this schlorship so v can continue our education

  42. I am seeking for scholarship that for an on line university or college. I want to study Finance Administration. Thanks to these institution and individuals who are giving helping hand. Let God blessing.

  43. I am John. I need full scholarship to study Masters in Education (Mathematics). I would be very grateful if given the opportunity.

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