Different Scholarship Offers by Online Universities

Distance learning courses can be accommodated with excellent scholarships to finance the education you want to have. The great thing is that a lot of universities are now offering scholarships to fund online education. These scholarships of course would vary on qualifications.

The American University Online Program Scholarships is one of the financial assistance programs given to students who want to have their masters degree online, specifically for online master of Public Administration and Policy. Other scholarships targeting master’s degree are the Homeland Security Grant of the Colorado Technology University for students enrolled in Master of Science in Homeland Security degree that amounts to $5,000, Strayer University’s Academic Readiness Scholarship that offers $1,000 financial aid to students registering for a Master’s degree program, and SUNY Empire State College’s Dr. John M. Bechem II Scholarship for $500 scholarship aid for master degree students.

Even popular and respectable universities like John Hopkins University and Berklee College of Music offers scholarships for distance learning courses.          John Hopkins University offers the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Welch Scholarship to part-time and online students taking up Masters of Public Health. This scholarship amounts to astounding $20,000 to those who are qualified. Berklee College of Music on the other hand, offers Berklee Online Music Scholarships, which is comprised of 16 $1,500-worth scholarships for current students of the school’s online program.

Some scholarships offered by universities are meticulous in choosing their students. Some would require master degree online while some would look for some sort of working experience in the similar field. One example of the latter is the University of London LLM Scholarships. These scholarships are offered to students from Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, and South Africa who want to earn a Master of Laws. Students who are working either full-time and part-time and who can commit to at least 10 hours per week of school are qualified for the said scholarships.

There are other scholarships offered by universities for distance learning courses that you can choose from. There is the University of Edinburgh Online Distance Learning Scholarships, Western Governors University Scholarships, University of Manchester Scholarships for Online Master of Public Health, Washington State University ASWSU Global Scholarship, and the Penn State World Campus Scholarships. These scholarships have varied requirements and qualifications that you would need to consider if you are interested.

Whether you are applying for scholarship for a master degree online or for PhD, there will surely be a scholarship available and most suited for you. Skim the web for all those scholarships and thoroughly find out how to get them.

Enjoy from scholarships offered by best online universities!


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  1. ma name is satena and I want to study in medicine in USA by free scholarship I am the dream to study their and Chang ma world problem that is hot issues in that field of study like cancer n other dangers disease place help me if u can

  2. Am from humble family and am not able to afford school fees,I wish to get full scholarship in order to pursue diploma in public health

  3. Hi, am Joel, 22 I want to study Engineering in the UK or China, anyway I can still go anywhere am placed because I really want to study and graduate in this field!. Am living with my unemployed Mom in Namibia. That’s why I want a scholarship, Bursary or grand so I can study. I am ready to come work in the industry after I graduate. My contact number is +264815565935.
    Am flexible and hard working, and I will highly appreciate, if am offered this opportunity. Thanks in advance. I love you. God bless you.

  4. Hi,I’m Sureiya Abdul Rahim . I will be much grateful if you can help me get full scholarship to study MBA in abroad in other to acquire the requisite knowledge and skills to fit into my career

  5. am bwale phenias from Zambia ,am in need of scholarship ,l live with an employed mother ,i want to study environmental healthy at any college or university ,

  6. Hello, I would like to full fund for a degree in Information and System Analysis.
    If there is any help, please, consider me.

  7. hello! my name is Dieudonne I’m very happy for this information , because when I was still being in my home land before taking exile in the neighboring country RWANDA because I’m coming from DEM REP OF CONGO and I’m a refugee in kigeme camp in southern province of Rwanda , when i was still being home I dreaming to study facult of medicine at university but i lost the hope after being refugee in 2012 , so this a great opportunity to see my dreams coming true if it happens to get this full scholarship . thank you

  8. мy naмe ιѕ wonder cнιтυrιĸe ғroм zιмвaвwe,aғrιca.ι aм aged 18.ι нave 8o levelѕ ιnclυdιng мaтнeмaтιcѕ and englιѕн wιтн grade c and вeттer.вυт ι нave nowнer тo go,noтнιng тo do and ιтѕ lιĸe ιмpoѕѕιвle ғor мe тo proceed wιтн ѕcнool вυт ι alwayѕ вelιeve ι wιll.ι aм ғroм a poor ғaмιly тнaт we ғιnd ιт dιғғιcυlт тo нave ғood on тнe тaвle вυт нowever god gυιdeѕ υѕ,ι нope yυ wιll conѕιder мe,,,,,,,waт ι wanт ιѕ тo proceed wιтн ѕcнool мy conтacт nυмвer ιѕ 0715131160,,or eмaιl мe aт wondercнιтυrιĸe3@gмaιl.coм,,,,,,,yoυrѕ deѕparaтe

  9. I am a poor student who wants to complete undergraduate in abroad.Please give me a scholarship so that I can make my career better.
    Its a humble request.
    Please grant me a free scholarship

  10. I am ineed of full scholarship to study online batchelors degree in financial accounting. I have vast experience in this field but can’t afford to generate enough funds for my further education.

  11. Hi am Newton from Kenya am17years old not yet through with my secondry education bat once am through the problem will my universty fees am planning to study medicine or computer science in any universtu upon being given a full scholarship.its a humble request please grant me a free scholarship thank you

  12. Hello.
    Am Zalwango Thuwaibah from Uganda. I would like to pursue my Education in London because it’s my dream. But I want on campus scholarship please because I really want to go study in the UK.. I will be grateful if you grant me my wish.

  13. Hi! I’m from Nepal and I graduated Diploma in Computer Engineer.. But I want to full Scholarship in USA and Australia for “Film Script Writer”. Can you do it… please Consider my Request and reply me…

  14. I am Muhammad Waqas Khan from Pakistan I want to do MBBS from US I have 90% marks in matric still studying on scholarship here in my country but to be expert in my field I wanna to come there

  15. I am Bandile Gina from South am Africa and I want to study Travel and Tourism course,I have college N4 qualification and I am looking for further studies but the problem is money.

  16. Hi,my name is Kenny I’m from Papaua New Guinea currently doing my Diploma with a GPA of 3.8 I am very much interest in Studying Accounting there. Your kind respond will be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you

  17. Hi I’m Sibongile and I’m really passionate about studying Travel and Tourism though I dont money to pay for fees, help please.

  18. Am Peter and currently studying with the university of south Africa. Can i also get assistance to complete my BA next year in 2019?

  19. Hi I am Omar Hussein I life in Somalia I want to be a doctor because our country is not get enough health docters specialists my country has no government supported the poor people so that I hope with you to help me to serfife children diet with easy ( please help me ) I wish to look my applicant thank you for reading my profel

  20. Am from a poor family I kindly need scholarship to study a mechanical engineering course,hope my dream will come true Amen.

  21. any universities for full scholarship to study fisheries and aquaculture? I want t
    o do a postgraduate course on that field. thanks so much.

  22. My names are Samuel mwami kabungo am looking for a full scholarship to study medicine in America. Am coming from a humble background and I can’t afford to pay my school fees. It will be my pressure to have this scholarship. Thank you

  23. Hello,
    Am Namugga Twibah from Uganda and i would like get a scholarship and study from abroad for my Masters in the fields of Project management, Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation and also Social justice because have just attained my Bachelors degree in Social Development with a 2.1 grade in best Academic university of Uganda and ranked 10 best in Africa . I will be very grateful if offered the opportunity.

  24. Thank you for this scholarship, i am happy because this is what i pray and cry for. I need to study a degree in public administration and management if give me this chance.I am face with financial challenges that is why i wouldn’t make it by myself.i will be glad if you put my request into consideration.

  25. Messagehello my name is osseing elomba reine la fortunei would like to have a scholarship for a bachelor degree in nursing

  26. I am a diploma holder in management science and very grateful if you could offer me a scholarship to further my master program .thanks

  27. I am a diploma holder in Human resourse management. i would be grateful if i get aid from you to continue pursuing the degree and masters programme. I am looking forward to hear from you. Thank you.

  28. My name is monique Smith I am experiencing financial challenges which has hindered to go to university a scholarship would do me great right now.

  29. Hello, my name is Mujidat from Nigeria and an undergraduate student in Community Health workers. I want a full Scholarship to study in USA or Australia so I can be of help to my Community. kindly consider my request and reply me.

  30. My name is benjamin miracle i want to study aeronautical engineering in the uk pls help me. My mobile number is 08063839533

  31. I am studying medicine in Kenya.. am in fourth year. suddenly my fee supply was cut short and so I have deferred looking for finances..
    hoping to get help from you guys please.. I am so stranded. I will appreciate any support even if it means starting over from first year because am so passionate about medicine.. I won’t give up..

  32. therefore I Mgcini, leave in Zimbabwe I wish to study master as you offers us a free scholarship. I would be glad to be part of this programme and I believe I will be chosen. thank you very much to have this opportunity in life.

  33. my name is Pauline Nakato, from Uganda, holding a bachelor’s degree in business administration and I would like to attain my masters but I can afford the tuition, I kindly request for this offer because I believe in a helping hand, help to help other thanks alot am grateful

  34. Hi i am Elsa from Montenegro a small cost country in south Europe. I would like to study in a wldeveloped country with prespective. I plan to study medicine.
    Regards ,

  35. hi I am Adesina Stephen from Nigeria i would like to study medicine and surgery in any country in any university on a full scholarship in a english speaking country.my basic reason is international experience which I can’t exactly afford.

  36. Hi my name is Gizeaddis from Ethiopia and I have BSC degree in geology. Now I want to study MSC(Masters Degree) in any of Geology related specialization from your University. If there is an opportunity of free scholarship you can contact with me by this phone number 0925999528. Thanks a million!

  37. hi i’m Hable from Ethiopia, and i’m gonna have ma LLB this year, so I wonder if I can get a chance to ma LLM on human rights…..thanks,

  38. my name is Alazar Gebrekidan from Ethiopia. I have BA degree in
    Accounting and finance a Good GPA. i am 23 years old. “my best
    wish in my life is to be one of intellectual people”, i have a willing to enjoy your scholarship. please select me …my telephone no +251916817130. Thanxs

  39. My name is Demeke Akalu from Ethiopia I have BA degree in accounting I need scholarship in ACCA full sponsor thanks in advance for collaborate.

  40. Hello every body I am an Ethiopian studying medicine at the historic university of the country,but due to limitation I am not performing my far reached researches. please I am begging you to grant me the golden opportunity. God bless you by

  41. Hello. I am a Nigerian. I have Higher Diploma in Community Health ( University College Hospital, Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria) I want to bag a MSc in Public Health but, lack funds to pursue it. Please, help me.

  42. Hello, am a Nigerian. I ve a certificate in medical laboratory technician. I want to bag an msc in medical laboratory science or public health. Pls I humbly request for the scholarship. Tanx

  43. Hello, i ma Juliet from Ghana. I really want to study MBA in administration. But i do not have money to finance my education overseas. I wish to study in UK or USA. Would be grateful if you could grant me the scholarship.


  44. My name is Elias Arega G/mariam from Ethiopia. Am fresh chemical engineering graduate with cGPA of 3.73. I want scholarship to study my Msc so i need help..

  45. Good morning sir, I am interested in this scholarship offer, it is my heart desire to complete my study in abroad. I am a diploma holder(MIDWIFE) I want to study public health, I am a Nigerian.

  46. I\’d like to study psychology in USA or any English speaking country.

    It\’ll be my pleasure if you can be of help to actualise this dream .I\’m from Nigeria ,a writer and transformation expert.

  47. currently am doing BSC physic bt I want to pursue bachelor of education science so please assist me to have this scorlarship to fulfill my dream.So may GOD bless u all abundantly!!!!

  48. Dear sir/ madan… Im interested in these sholarship i will be glad if i have this kind of opportunity to study in Australia me I\’m from Zimbabwe….thank you

  49. Dear sir/ madan… Im interested in these sholarship i will be glad if i have this kind of opportunity to study in Australia me I\\’m from bangladesh ….thank you

  50. Dear sir/ madan… Im interested in these sholarship i will be glad if i have this kind of opportunity to study in Australia . I a am from Ethiopia
    thank you

  51. Hi, am Urgessal, 33 I want to study MA Sociology in the UK or China, anyway I can still go anywhere am placed because I really want to study and graduate in this field!. Curently,I am working in Ethiopian Red cross society in Ethiopia. My contact number is +251 912254902./haileurgessa25@gmail.com
    Am flexible and hard working, and I will highly appreciate, if am offered this opportunity. Thanks in advance. I love you. God bless you.

  52. My Name Is Ibrahim I\’m interested to your scholarship.
    I wishes I will study there, I will be much grateful if you can help me get full scholarship to study MBA in abroad in other to acquire the requisite knowledge and skills to fit into my career

  53. His
    I am Eluby Kathamalo, female, from Malawi. I wish to pursue my masters degree abroad in project planning, monitoring and and evaluation.Am a holder of Bachelor\’s degree.Am looking forward for the help.
    Thank you.

  54. Hi am an undergraduate student looking for a fully funded scholarship in any country..i want to pursue a career in the Science field and am from Namibia.

  55. Hi i am Abdulhafed Elnayad from Libya me age is 21 years , i wish to complete my education ( Bachelor degree ) in law specialization according to Turkey grant ( scholarship ) .

  56. Hello, my name is Santos, I have registered for MA in Leading Innovation and Change online program with Robert Kennedy College and York St John University, but having financial problems to continue the study, how can get scholarship?

  57. Hey
    I\’m Ayanda Semono from south Africa I am in need of free scholarship or grant to persue my dream career as Criminal Investigator. I\’m willing to study abroad if that\’s what it takes,,, please please help me

  58. Hello I am an undergraduate looking for a fully funded scholarship anyway and any country…… mostly interested to get a career in the Science field and I am from Zimbabwe

  59. Hi Team,
    My Name is Peter S. Mulbah, I have obtained a degree in Public Administration, and in search for a full funded scholarship for master in Public Administration.
    I am from Liberia, and would like to obtained this degree to enable me contribute to my society in building the capacity of many young lives.
    I am in desperate need of this scholarship to enable me help minimize administration malpractices in my society.


  60. Hello! I\’m teronia, from Jamaica and I\’d like to view more options to study in the US . My main career interests lie in the air force or piloting. I\’d like more information on the scholarships offered for each university that specialises in these studies.

  61. Hie am looking for help to have a dgree in politics in any country. I dont have anyone to help me please take me high.None aford to pay my fees, please help me .Thank you

  62. Hello am Kenneth from Uganda. I would like the further my education with a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science and Information Technology. Am looking for a full scholarship. I will be grateful for any considerations. Reach me on +256758839981. God Bless.

  63. Hello I am Mogale Bridgette I am studying in North West University.I need help my parents can\’t afford all my fees and I also stay in campus.plz I really need help

  64. Hi.. I\’m Munah from Liberia.. I want to further my studies in the UK.. I\’ll be very grateful if you consider me..

  65. am a 24yrs girl from Ghana and I would be very Happy if u can grant me the scholarship to study in any part of the world even if in my own country because all I want is to be able to continue my studies because the country doesn\’t matter to me at all.I want to be a midwife but I don\’t have any support so please help me.

  66. I\’m a year 13 student from fiji islands, current age is 17 will be turning 18 in June 18th. I\’d like to grant a scholarship in agricultural field\’s in any universities around the world. Please help me out.

  67. Please, I am John. I need full scholarship to study Masters in Education (Mathematics). I would be very grateful if am considered.

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