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Distance learning is an excellent way for you to get your degree without having to exhaust yourself in going to and from school just to attend classes. Convenience is the real key when it comes to this form of education and flexibility is what it sells to students who want to keep their schedules open for their part-time jobs and extra activities.

The great thing about distance learning and online universities is that scholarships are also now offered in the web. Accredited and qualified offers can be discovered online that can get you to attend those online college classes. Some of the scholarships that can provide you with excellent financial aid include the Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships and the Edinburgh Global Distance Learning Scholarships.

Commonwealth distance learning scholarships are offered to online students in developing Commonwealth countries who want to get their master’s degree online. This particular scholarship is funded by the UK DFID or the Department for International Development. This is applied to courses that are offered either directly together with UK universities or in partnerships with the universities in developing countries.

This scholarship aims to contribute to the wider overseas interest and be able to support excellence, especially when it comes to sustaining Commonwealth principles. More than that, it also aims to contribute to Commonwealth countries’ development needs through the training of highly skilled and qualified professionals.

Another scholarship that can help you attend more than just online college classes for affordable price is through the Edinburgh Global Distance Learning Scholarships. These scholarships are offered by the University of Edinburgh to 4 citizens who want to pursue more than 30 Master’s programmes. It covers a total of 3 years with full tuition fees.

In the Edinburgh Global Distance Learning Scholarships, student applicants can qualify and benefit from the financial aid by ensuring that it can be awarded to you. Only students from the specific countries can take advantage of these scholarships, including those nationals from Afghanistan, Cambodia, Congo, Ethiopia, Ghana, Haiti, India, Kenya, Korea, Madagascar, Mali, Myanmar, Nigeria, Pakistan, Somalia, Tanzania, Uganda, Vietnam, Yemen, Zimbabwe, and more.

Students illegible for these scholarships can expect more than online college classes since they will be able to take the Masters programme offered by the University of Edinburgh online. Interested applicants should watch out for the deadline of the application. This is why it is necessary to visit the university’s site as often as you can.

Online universities, programmes, and classes are getting more popular in today’s fast-paced society. And despite all the modern innovations, assistance and aid can still be provided through these scholarships.


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    • Thank you for choosing me as one of your candidate in this program. I am grateful that I have a chance to continue my master degree and give me an opportunity to pursue my dreams and become a successful in the future. Looking forward to your positive response 🙂

  1. dears
    frankly am a proud of taking the online course of candidate so please keep it up
    thanks for your usual support those who interest of learning

  2. for the time being i am first degree student but i will in graduate after few months and i planed to continue my msc if i will get a chance

  3. I am in second year of masters in Physics-Mathematics, but I have not money to pay my school fees. Moreover I would like after the master to do my Ph D. I will achieve my dream if you grant me this scholarship and I will be grateful to you if I got your financial support

  4. For now am a first year student persueing a degree course :barchelor of science in nursing.. I really needed this scholarship before joining a university.. I have always been dreaming to study in US.. AM now planning to study there my masters if granted permission and also work there God willing.. Please help me out.. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you for all enhancing this scholarship programme.. May God bless you.. KEEP IT UP

  5. I need your assistance i did diploma in accounting but due financial shortfall am unable to complete my educational programme
    may you please help me to complete my education.

    Thank you

  6. Hello thank you for this, am looking for a scholarship for a masters degree in pharmacology I’ll be over joyed if u helped me out

  7. Hi. Thanks so much I have a bachelor degree in Public Administration..because of financial assistant I can not afford to do a master program.in my country.. I wish to get on to do it..

  8. I’m a student in Kmtc siaya campus persueing a course in certificate in health records and information.. And I am interested in scorlaship I will appreciate.. Thanks in advance

  9. I am Isaac Kabonga a third year student at share World Open University dropped school due to financial constraints and looking for well wishers to support my education.

  10. am graduate this year in bsc in civil engineering & i need to continue msc if i got the chance. please show me the way how i get this chance.

  11. Hi there
    I graduated in Civil Engineering and I’m seeking to take the Msc.
    Honestly speaking I am interested in attending the course in the classroom with the classmates so if there is any?

  12. A cameroonian with a law degree from one of the best university in central africa.law is my field n will lile to do international relationship.thank you and will be glad to hear from you

  13. I’m interested in distance learning
    I’m interested to do international relationship
    I’ll b glad to receive your support and scholarship

  14. am andrew i would like to pursue a degree in primary education.please i will be happy if you consider me.i’m looking forward for your reply.thanks inadvance.

  15. I Shanita Makgwale would appreciate it if you assist me with this scholarship for my diploma in entrepreneurship…in future I want to have my own business

  16. I appreciate your open grant for me and may your heart revel to me as possible I need your help though I am A’ level leaver

  17. Hello, after reading through I realised studies are online. I do not urge to do online studies so can I have a scholarship to do a Masters of Science in orthopaedics and rehabilitation physical therapy in the US or in the UK? I love to study in any of these countries, however constrained by finance.
    My regards,

  18. i want educational scholarship for university. i am Fsc student i have a financial problem please help me to get a scholarship for university

  19. I am very much happy to be part of this group all i need is to travel out of my country Liberia, to get outside exprence and to learned to the best that i ever wanted to in my life.

  20. thanks so much for giving me an opportunity, am really in much in of persueing a bachelors degree in NURSING, I will be grateful if my application is put into your consideration
    MERRY Christmas and a prosperous new year

  21. thanks so much for giving me an opportunity, am really in much need of persueing a bachelors degree in NURSING, I will be grateful if my application is put into your consideration
    MERRY Christmas and a prosperous new year

  22. I am a student in roehampton-online, and i cant pursue my studies due to financial predicaments, i will grateful to be awarded a dvholardhip to complete my masters in strategic supply chain

  23. Hi there I am a student at University of Eastern Africa Baraton currently doing a diploma in education arts I would wish that you help me pursue a degree in the same course because I really have financial constraints based on confidential issues. Am looking forward to hearing from you. Be blessed.

  24. Hi,I am man age 27years old. A highschoool student.I really want to farther my studies but no support to do so ,so if you can render me your help I will be very grateful.thanks may the GOD ALMIGHTY RICHLY BLESS YOU and all that help the need.

  25. Hi am a student at Moi University and I would to finish my course which I can’t for now due financial crisis. I would like the scholarship in Education degree thank you once again for giving me this chance.

  26. Hello, Am a student of Obafemi Awolowo University, and I will still like to pursue another degree in Law, but am financial down, plz I will like to benefit in the Grant, thanks for been there always

  27. am a H.N.D graduate of electronics engineering and would like to further more if this opportunity is given to me

  28. My name is Dua Dosani
    Am 15 years old and on 19 Feb 2018 I will be 16 years old. Am in grade 9 . studying in BEACONHOUSE SCHOOL SYSTEM MIDDLE 1. AM A ENGINEERING STUDENT.

    Peter Fraser MBA

    Peter Fraser MBA

  31. Thanks a lot to be choosen in this schorlarship programe an interesting occasion to uplift the scientif level in order to make strong the professionnal career.

  32. Dear, Admins
    Thanks for the opportunity to given me stdy from here with you. Anyway i really scholarship please can you help/support? Thanks..

  33. I want to study public relations or political science but I do not have enough funds to pay for it, how do I get the application forms for this scholarship?

  34. Thank u i really need a scholarship to pay for my Honorary Doctorate from the University of Morality in Florida at a cost of 1,000 which i cannot afford.Grateful for your assistance in this matter.
    I am the holder of a diploma, two first degree a post grad ,MBA This will help my community with their educational standard.
    I already possess a diploma,two first degree,a post grad and a MBA.
    Hoping to hear from u soon.
    Peter MBA

  35. am a distance learning student doing business management with ABE board, now am on diploma level 5 but am failing to continue because of funds to support my education. so far i have done only level 4 diploma and it is my wish to continue up to degree level and even beyond that.

    i will be glad to hear more from you.

  36. Hello!,,,i\’m an undergraduate and I really want to pursue a masters in cyber security but due to financial problems it has become hard for me to achieve it, I just want a little help in payment my tuition fee

  37. I’m Bsc holder in Physics Education and I actually need this scholarship to further for my Masters degree please help!!!!

  38. Hello,I\’m Sewunet Demisew reading the article above I felt like I touched my dream though I really don\’t know if there is any under graduate degree scholarship for me If so I hope you may give me a consideration and leave me a message.
    Thank you
    Yours faithfully,

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