Associate Degree Grants and Scholarships Now Available


If you want to go to an online college but fear that you don’t have the resources to do, there is still something that you can do! One of which is that you can opt to choose is an associate degree program, which considerably requires less money than the common college programs. In fact, it can even be cut in half.

Online associate degree can be taken up in lots of universities offering online programs today. But truth be told, it can also be quite expensive. And this is where scholarships and grants can come in handy. These grants and financial aid programs can help you deal with all of your expenses for your online school, from the entire tuition fee to related expenses like housing, books, and living expenses.

Scholarship and grants are provided to students who are qualified. These qualifications can vary from one university to another, which is why you need to check them and see for yourself if you qualify for any of the grants offered. Some of the qualifications that can be taken into consideration include good grades, well-written essays, and talent in specific field.

There is also an online college that offers associate’s degree programs. You simply need to look for them online, including for scholarships and grants. One way to apply for scholarship for associate degree program is through companies and organizations. If you are confused on where to apply first, start with the local ones. Include these universities, who also offer scholarships and grants.

Liberty University is one of the universities that offer online associate degree programs.    It has more than 115 programs that range from all sorts of programs and houses 12,000 residential students in total. It also caters to more than 45,000 online students. The university even takes pride of up to 90 credits that can be transferred to an undergraduate degree program.

You can also choose Kaplan University as your online college if you want. This university is widely known for wide selection of programs to choose from that range from bachelor’s, associate’s, to master’s level. Some programs offered by the university are Law, Criminal Justice, Nursing, Healthcare, Arts and Sciences, Information Technology, Business, and Education.

Another option that you can choose for your online associate degree is the Rasmussen College. It offers different associate degrees, including Associate of Applied Science or AAS and Associate of Science or AS. There are other degrees that you can take up from the school and it also has lots of campuses all over the US, including Florida, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Illinois.


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  1. Message
    am Abigael. i kindly wish to acquire a scholarship to fund my academics.. i study bachelor of arts in international relations and diplomacy..
    thank you

  2. am Abrham Guadia I have graduated by mechanical engineering from bahir dar university Ethiopia and IAm intersted to get scholarship.

  3. Thanks for valuable support for providing such opportunities info , I have finished my Bachelors degree studying in English and Have work for INGO for reasonable period I want to pursue completing my Post graduate studies , would I be lucky to get such opportunity , I need your support.

    Best regards.

  4. Hi mine is funding for a PhD programme in engineering which is ongoing but I have financial challenges of travelling from my country to go and engage in consultations and lab activities abroad in in France.I once got a partial scholarship which couldn’t not enable me complete the course.I still need more funding to buy equipment for field data collection and two months mobility and upkeep for three months and all for the next four years in order to complete my studies successfully.

  5. Hi. I am cs.i am graduated from Yezin Agricultural university.I am interesting this scholarship, about the science, environment ,economic…..How can i do it.

  6. Hi. I am Mitiku.i am graduated from Wollo university. I am interesting this scholarship, about the master of public health…..How can i do it.

  7. Following your programme with much desired interest. Am RODRICK from ZAMBIA would like to persue some studies with such organisation.

  8. Am Patrick Naiyoma from Kenya

    am humbly requesting for a chance to study in your university.Am coming from the most traditional affected community… please help

  9. I am a kenyan orphan aged 21 I wish to join a college but I can not fund my studies I pray to get a scholarship or a sponsor for me to study and serve other orphans in future.

  10. Hi Sir/Madam.
    My Name is Clotilda Claudia Harry,43yrs old, single mother of 3 beautiful kids, eldest daughter in High School as well and 2 others in Private schools here in Solomon Islands.
    Graduated from Australian International Institute of Tafe some 23 yrs. ago in 1994 with a credit in International English language, Diploma in Leadership and Human Resources and Diploma in small Business management. Still serving law informant in my country Solomon Islands.

    With an Ethnical Tension in my home country Solomon Islands in 1900s to early 2000s, as a result I’m financially handicapped to earn money to extend further in my further studies earlier aft wards.
    My personal interest is to start off commencing a certificate or a Bachelors programme in one of your colleges in Human Resources or Leadership management or psychological studies.
    Can I apply for this scholarship through US Embassy in my home country Solomon Islands? also for Student visa , travelling expenses through this scholarship ? Truly I really need your good heart in seeing my situations.

    I really need this scholarship offer, Please help me proceed on with my further studies through your support and helping hands,

    kind regards,

    clotilda Claudia Harry

  11. I am a student in Jamaica looking for a scholarship due to financial difficulties. I don’t want to study online but I still need the scholarship. Is there any way I could go about getting one. I plan to pursue my bachelor’s in business.

  12. hi publisher am Adam Safa in Uganda. I was born in a Muslim family and later raised in a Christian family. I leave in the north western region of the country called west Nile region. as an innocent boy born in a very remote village in YUMBE district education was and up to now not a priority to the people around . in 1997 west Nile task force a rebel group interfered with young boys and girls life which comprised rape abduction defilement and denied access for education. we slept in busy in many occasions yet in negligence of our own government that could not care for us. as a result many left school many didn’t join school not even primary level. by Gods grace I left for my uncle who educated from primary upto s diploma course. now am a clinical officer I can treat patients but have lost my uncle. I real wanted to pursue degree in medicine and help my people later. am an average student but I have will and heart to help fellow humans. please i may not be in your selection criteria but know that many Ugandans are in a trench of suffering down here. your assistant is paramount. please consider my appeal and give me a sponsorship. thanks

  13. Hi my name is Nathnael kamil and am study in Ethiopia arbaminch university mechanical engineering I want this scholarship so please give me the chance .

  14. hey my name is Onke Mhlongo i live in Johannesburg South Africa I would be much happy to get the scholarship I am doing teaching in University of South Africa please give me a chance and I want do Civil engineering

  15. Hi!!my name is shelsia,Im 20years old ,I come from Mozambique.My big dream is to stady abroad ,but to it happen I need to get a scholership.Please I need your help.

  16. Hi I’m a young and passionate boy who is eager to change the world for better through education. But i need financial assistance to get it done please anyone help.

  17. I am a clinical officer l would like to specialize as peadtrician but l need a sponsor to help me achieve my goals

  18. as i saw in your announcement board you mentioned that you have free education in bachelor degree so ther for i want apply in your beast program nd also i am eager to be short list in your program thank u.

  19. i need your help through scholarship that your providing in order to help world child in their education please if i can get chance to be choosen i would thank you help me to contact me on +250786650406

  20. Please i need your help through scholarship….i your quick response will be high appciented….you can contact me on 260974400881

  21. I really need a scholarship I finish my secondary school in Maths,Economic and Computer Science so I need a scholarship to continue my studies in University in International Economic and Trade in Canada but not online

  22. hello, i’m done secondary school ,so,i want to specialize in software engineering , i need your help in order to achieve my goal so please help me (donor). thank you!

  23. i am N’GOFING F. KROMAH ,
    i’m done secondary school ,so,i want to specialize in software engineering , i need your help in order to achieve my goal so please help me (donor). and really interesting in this scholarship now So thanks

  24. I was completed my Diploma in Civil Engineering so I will be very happy to continue with further education in relevant field if I’ll get a scholarship.

  25. I have been selected to attend bachelor degree on public university to my country and even the costs are not too expensive compared to other university,so how can i be assisted by those organization offering grants so that it will be easier for me to pursue my studies

  26. I have been reading peoples comments for quite sometime now,about pleading and asking to be granted either a scholarship or a financial assisstance frpm different sources be them the universities themselves or people and other Instutions alike.but what have catapulted me to write about this is; Is there any folk/folks who ever got the scholarship or grants to study abroad in traditional universities or online schools? Is there any one out there who really made it and got successfull results for him/her being granted some funds? Im just asking! Coz Im eager and curious to know more,before calling it a hoax!

  27. Hello I was wondering if this scholarship can provide for my studies if I\’m accepted at the University for doing Medicine.

  28. Good day Sir/madam,
    May you please help me to access a free undergraduate scholarship abroad better my life.I\’ve always wanted to excel in life through education but financial incapabilities have been my big challenge.I dream of environmental health or public health.

  29. May you assist me with financial material so as to upgrade myself in terms of education.
    I just want to have a degree in Accounting (ACCA) but the challenge is inability to have sufficient funds
    to do so. Its my hope that you shall have mercy on me.
    Thank you.

  30. Nicholas,i have diploma in Information technology,i need scholarship for my degree !
    will be so happy once am considered

  31. Dear Sir/Madam
    I really need scholarship to further my education.
    We have gone for loan at a high rate of interest,prior to this we still own banks .
    I need your aid so that I can complete my education.
    I\’m student at Ghana studying Bsc.Mathematics .
    Thank you for your offers.

  32. Hello. I am allard ngwej mbang, coming from congo, so i\’m congolese by nationality. I come before you about scholarships becaus i really want to study but i can not because my parents are not longer working. So your help will be appreciated. Thanks.

  33. hello am Daphine and am 19yrs old,finished A level but luck tuition to join university and being an orphan there are no hopes of joining university becoz even the level i have reached was so hard to complete..i know when I get your scorlarship i will defeanately finish my studies and achieve my dream of being a Lawyor …please give me a chance to education through a scholarship… thnx

  34. I\’m Dimakatso Mnisi grade 12 this year & I\’m looking forward to further my studies I\’m in need of scholarship

  35. I am Shambel Leta and from Ethiopia. I have degree in Psychology and I am fellow of MA degree in Developmental Psychology at Addis Ababa uUniversity. I am also interested to continue my education in any field of Psychology. So, please inform me for scholarship.

  36. Message kindly furnish me with information on how to get an Msc scholarship in Horticulture, am a PGD student with Bayero University kano.

  37. Saka James Divine is my namei live in Nigeria west affrica country. Am NCE holder, I\’m so interested of having scholarship to further my degree academics in abroad by studying auditing because anytime and anyday i went to bed and slept, i always dream that white people and i saka james divine sit in a big hall receiving lecture. Please i need help so that my dream can come to fulfill and also give me guide line how to apply for scholarship.

  38. My name is Jackson Enosa Michael from South Sudan. I studied bachelor degree of social work and social administration. I am more interested in further career. How best may I succeed for the scholarship offer.

  39. Dear sir/madam Am Moses chewe from zambia and i need a scholarship to persue a degree in surgery and medicine.It has always been my dream ever since childhood of which i haven\’t yet archived due to luck of sponsership.Am an undergraduate,i obtained 16points on my grade12 result,i have no sponsership to help me archive my goals.please help me with this Golden opportunity.please consider my application.

  40. Evening I am a first year student at Damelin and I would like to help my mom in paying for my studies. Your funds can really mean a lot to me

  41. dear sir/madam
    I\’m a first year student at university of kwazulu natal and i need your scholarship to finish my degree medical science(physiology).This is my calling so i like to work beyond the call of duty in future , plz cinsider my application.

  42. My name is Amina H James I beg to have scholership on teaching professional am undergraduate degree student from Tanzania

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