Distance Learning Education and Online Universities with Scholarships


To make things even better, online universities are also starting to offer their students a chance of availing scholarships. Scholarships can be of big help especially for those who are taking courses online for the sake of being able to lessen the expenses of a college diploma. There are numerous ways to get a scholarship when it comes to distance learning education. One of which is to pass a school and work your way to applying for a scholarship from there. Another way to get a scholarship is to choose a university that offers an online scholarship through an entrance exam. Lastly, another way is to apply for a scholarship from an organization or a company and find an online university accepting the said scholarship.

Online universities now are also offering different courses ranging from religious degrees to even music-related subjects. With this fact, the industry of distance learning education has propelled some online universities to become known for their specialties.

For courses like Computer Science and Business Advertisement, the University of the People is a strong choice for students looking for a tuition-free and non-profit online school. It is accredited by the Distance Education and Training Council which adds to its current stature as an online school.

On the other hand, for people looking into a diploma in music, the Curtis Institute of Music is one of the top choices. Getting an education here can be pricey which is why scholarships are really benefiting a lot when talking about this university.

Lastly, for those working in the local community of PipaPasse, Kentucky, Alice Lloyd College has an online school offering scholarships for those who are currently employed around the area.

These schools are just some of the online universities offering various courses and giving out scholarships for those who are deserving of it.


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    Thank you for accepting me to be part of the members who got a scholarship. for my side I don’t know how can I thank you because I waited this chance for many years to go. I promise to work hard in studies so that I can archive my goal and not only for my benefit but also for the community

  2. Thank you for accepting me. for my side I don’t know how can I thank you. I promise to work hard in studies so that I can archive my goal

  3. Thanks for responding to my request. I am interested in pursuing a BSc in Social Work. What is the next step?

  4. thanks but, I want to ask wether online or distant learning… but I want to travel outside the country to learn over there.. if you can also prompt me that offer… as in scholarship

  5. Is this really good to me..
    Because i wish to study in college but i have money to pay it. Well. i hope i will pass. therefore; Im very thankful this opportunity was shared to me..

  6. Thanks for the info but I want to travel to the country not online program. If there is a way of helping me out. I will be very grateful if u can be of help.

  7. I would be so glad if this could be a opportunity of traveling inorder to get different experiences through this medium of learning.

  8. I am truly grateful that you’ve chosen me out of thousands of peoples around the world. I am just truly grateful and that’s all i want to say,again, thank you very much

  9. Hello ma’am/sir,I’d like to say Thank You for the offer Given to me.Hope I will be the part of this scholarship program.
    Thank you….

  10. 1st thanks for this opportunity.I’m 1st degre nursing student in ethiopia also i’m ethiopian.I need this scholarship but i have’nt budget pleas help me.Thanks

  11. Hi! My name is Andre Mapuata Lombo, I’m really craving for an opportunity to get the schorlaship. I want a quality training to help in the development of my country and to help those who are around me with the knowledge acquired in education.

  12. Do you also offer education courses? If so, may I know the institution that offers it. Thanks for choosing me to be part of you. Stay blessed.

  13. Thank you for choosing me to take part in this. I am really in need of a scholarship. Is there anything else I need to do next?
    Thank you for the favour. Looking forward to hear from you…

  14. am truly grateful that you’ve chosen me out of thousands of peoples around the world. I am just truly grateful and that’s all i want to say,again, thank you very much

  15. If I get an opportunity to have a scholarship , I grab it .
    My dream is to finish my studies ,even though I’m thirty one years old,a mum and work overseas as a nanny ,it doesn’t stop me to look forward to seeing an opportunity to get any scholarship so that I can finish college. I do believe that age doesn’t matter as long as if we want to accomplish what we want to be.

  16. my names are adrin kaluhi am a Kenyan have sat for high school Exams witting for the result kindly help me get this golden chance how do i forms please

  17. thak u very much for ur love to me and may our lord shower u with a lot of blessing !can u help me to know how can I make follower up to this great chance

  18. I’m Bright Kamfuli, a Zambian student, I need a student scholarship for 2018 academic year at the readily available university. your quick response will be highly appreciated.

  19. Good evening. my name is Paulinus Elum Ukor, a Nigerian. I read English language and literature. Can I get a scholarship to study M.A in English language and literature. thanks

  20. Hi, am Thandekile Dube. I just finished my Alevels this year next year, i’ll love to further my education by going to University to study Business Management next year.Finances are my constraint now, i will be glad if you can assist me attain a scholarship.How do i go about the application procedure? please help, thank you.

  21. Hello . Thank you very much for this great opportunity. I want to study Computer Science. Where do I start from in order to get my scholarship?

  22. Hi I am Rebekka from Namibia I would like to be assisted with an scholarship to finish my studies and to be a success in the near future.

  23. I need full grant for m.Ed educational management, m.Ed health education and promotion, MBA or m.Ed environmental education. Any available for full grant online or offline.

  24. Thanks for choosing me. I would like to study bachelors of arts in development studies. Where do i start from inorder to be granted a scholarship.

  25. thank you so much for considering me, i would like to know if the offer still stands and a little more detail of the program. am grateful

  26. Please I am an undergraduate of electrical electronic engineering and I want to study abroad I need sponsor and help

  27. I can not believe that you selected me. This will be a great chance. I have BA degree in sociology. I eagerful to study my Masters degree abroad with relevant field of study. So, I need sponsor. Please would you help me ??

  28. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته مساء أود الاتحاد معكم في كورسات-مجانية في مجال تقنية المعلومات والاتصالات

  29. Thank you for choosing me, i am a Malawian who graduated a Diploma in Law with Distinction Grade and i would like you to assist me with your scholarship/ Grant to pursue a Degree in Law.

  30. I am very much occupied in sorting out things here and i would recommend to give chance to Mrs. Fatou Badjie to apply for this scholarship, she is a Diploma graduate in Office Administration. i would be very glad if you can give chance to her. thank you for your understanding.

    your faithfully,
    Ebrima Sarr

  31. I have need of scholarship iam belongs very poor family i am the student of mathematics final year of bs honor so help m

  32. I have need of scholarship to continue my study bcz i iam the student of mathematics and study i ms mathematics

  33. This is an opportunity I’ve longed for for a very long time. I humbly request that you please consider me for this scholarship.

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