Distance Learning Courses and Getting a Scholarship for Them


Getting a college degree online can now be done with the emergence of online universities. These online universities are offering distance learning courses for people who want to pursue their chosen profession. Through time, more distance learning courses are being offered and the diversity of subjects is increasing further.

Also, to support people who have the potential to become great professionals but, however, cannot support their own education, online universities are now offering scholarships. These scholarships differ in perks and they can also be received in different methods. One way to get a scholarship is to find a school, apply for it, get into it, and then work your way through to apply for a scholarship in due time. Another method of getting a scholarship is to look for an online university which offers scholarships for their distance learning courses. With this method, online universities will often ask applicants to answer a scholarship exam to determine if they are deserving of the privilege. Lastly, instead of approaching schools, you can approach companies, organizations, or foundations offering scholarship programs for getting a college degree online. After applying for the said program, you can look for a school accepting the scholarship and proceed to taking your distance learning courses.

As said above, through the years the diversity of distance learning courses has increased and has included even unconventional subjects perfect for those who just want an additional college degree in their belts.

For those who want a degree in music, the Curtis Institute of Music is an online university for those who are gifted in the field. To help gifted students, the school also has a scholarship program for talented people with a lot of potential.

The Central Christian College of Bible is another online college which offers courses to help people obtain a college degree online. Although they offer Bachelor of Arts courses as well as Bachelor of Sciences degrees, the Central Christian College of Bible specializes in religious-related courses.

Aside from these schools offering rather secondary degrees, there are also universities offering Computer Science and Business Administration courses such as the University of the People and the Haskell Indian Nations University.


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    • Message; I saw scholarship’s opportunities from universities and would appreciate if given the opportunity study master’s degree in Logistics, procurement and supply chain management on online program I tried to continue but to raise the fund was a serious problem hence this request.I look forward to hearing from you

    • Message ; I came across this wonderful of these scholarship and would appreciate if given the opportunity to study ;Medicine and Surgery.I finished secondary education in 2016 and could not continue due to lack of fund .I look forward heating from you.

  1. Message dear sir/MDM,,,I would like to request the scholarship for Master degree of Economics to help my Nation towards economic development.. at any place around the worldwide. thanks very much

  2. I’m a Ghanaian second cycle school leaver
    Much interested in LLB scholarship
    I really do mean I need your scholarship opportunity to be called a graduate
    Since I lack funds for pursuing my degree

  3. It will the most essential thing in my life, to grant s scholarship from the most perfect and great AIU..

    • Good day Sir. I need a scholarship for a Doctorate Degree in Architecture. I hope I would be considered.
      Thanking you in anticipation.

  4. I am Madalitso from Malawi. I have just passed my Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE) with flying colours. I would like to study Irrigation Engineering so as to assist my country not to depend on only rain fed agriculture which is failing our country and the world as well due to change in climate. Is there any university in the world which can offer me a scholarship so that I can achieve my dream.

  5. thanks very much am interested in having a scholarship in computer sciences and business administration
    I will equally appreciate a secondary opportunity in the music field
    I wait to hear from you soon

  6. am Augustine chitembi from Zambia am looking for scholarship have been stranded for 5 years due to luck of money,how will appreciate if how be considered.

  7. I am high school graduate, i need a scholarship to further my education.I will be grateful I am considered.
    Thank for your cooperation and understanding.

  8. admiring your great work facilitating this chances, iam asking for sholarships to succed my whim to learn psychology first then philosophy. i want to be a philosopher your great chances change the life of many can you the life of me? alexander the ethiopian

  9. Hi sir/madam,I am William T. Korvah a Liberian, a high school graduate.I pray thee grant me a scholarship in computer science.I will be grateful to God and you, if I have this scholarship. Thanks.

  10. Messagei would like a scholarship in electrical engineering. Hooe you will help. currently studying at Centre for Training and Development Projects. doing a diploma

  11. I wish i would be considered for this scholarship to run my PhD study. I am into Environmental/atmospheric Physics .



  13. Hello sir, I would like to express my great gratitude to the scholarship offer. I will be very happy if you granted me this scholarship. Thank you

  14. Goodevening.My friend and i would like to apply for scorlaships for masters in law. My friend Muhammad Ahmad Auwal complited his course with CGPA 3.78 while ill be finishing this december.
    We are willing to work as a way to pay for school.
    Your faithfully
    Hatowa Nchimunya and Muhammad Ahmad Auwal

  15. Thanks the team dealing this opportunity, I will be Grateful for granted a schoolarship.
    It will be an honor for me to learn and back to help my family, my country fighting poverty,to add scientific researches will be improved.
    Schoolarship for student in 4th or 5th year of pharmacy(2017-2018). Great you,friendly waiting favorable answer

  16. Thanks for this opportunity.
    I will be glad if offered a scholarship for a PHD programme in human resource management.
    Looking forward to this great connection.

  17. This is a wonderful innovation. Thank you so much.

    Kindly let me know all the procedures for applying and how to get the scholarship for MBA online

  18. I have been studying Bachelors Degree in Community Development up to third year when things turned upside down. Its now been a year without going back to school. I am there coming on an open looking for help with Scholarship so that i can complete my studies please. I am comfortable be it studying right here elsewhere when the chance pop up. Please i need this help. I am almost half way done.

  19. I am looking for help in getting degree in medical laboratory, I am a technologist but my ambition have not successed

  20. I’m juan EVALYN mule from Uganda kindly requesting for a scholarship in with LLB or bachelors of arts in mass communication, I will be grateful when considered, may God bless you.

  21. I’m juan EVALYN mule from Uganda kindly requesting for a scholarship in either LLB or bachelors of arts in mass communication, I will be grateful when considered, may God bless you.

  22. Thanks for the opportunity, I would be very glad if a scholarship or grant can be awarded to me for further studies in Civil Engineering. Thanks once again.

  23. Thanx so much for the oppoturnity,i want to finf out do you offer scholarships for masters degree. i want to do a masters in any branch of mathematics ?

  24. thanks, i would like to be granted for this scholarship for BA degree in creative literature
    thanks for your approval

  25. I am Mercy Chebet from Kenya studying business and economics.I would wish further my education in your great university.I am looking forward for your response

  26. Good day, please I will be glad if you give me the scholarship.please am now in Ghana so please help me please 🙏🙏.

  27. I hereby ISINGOMA JIMMY from Uganda I completed my certificate in plumbing and metal fabrication to years back but I filled to go for a diploma to upgraded my course due to tuition problem .But I humbly request you to put me under your consideration . My the Lord GOD bless your work ever more.

  28. not Enough when I say I wish,but for me needs other terms to wish Cause it is an authentic attributed chance.BA in biology#Kenya

  29. not Enough when I say I wish,but for me needs other terms to wish Cause it is an authentic attributed chance.BSA biology #kenya

  30. I have a dream to study law under the school of mass media and communication. Furthermore, when that thing come to pass in my life,it will be something unforgettable in my entire life simply because I’m so desperately for it.I’m from Zambia

  31. My name is KAMANGO OSEMBE BILLY, resident in Kinshasa in the municipality of Ngaliema in the Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa and Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics-Computer Science, option: Network computer.
    Currently a state employee in the Ministry of Public Service, I wish to contribute to the development and improvement of the Public Administration of my country in full reform by pushing my research in this area. My personal situation and financial resources do not allow me to carry out such a project. Thus, this scholarship will allow me to achieve this goal in the best
    conditions and this training will allow me to have more knowledge and will benefit my country post conflict which is still in full reconstruction.

  32. My name is KAMANGO MALALE, residing in Kinshasa in the Ngaliema Commune in the Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa.

    Currently a student at the University of Kinshasa, I wish to contribute to the development of my country in full reform. My personal situation and my financial resources do not allow me to realize such a project. Thus, this scholarship will allow me to achieve this goal in the best
    conditions and this training will allow me to have more knowledge and will benefit my country in full reconstruction.

    In the hope of obtaining a favorable answer from you, I beg you to believe, Madam, Sir, to the expression of my best regards.

  33. my name is Alazar Gebrekidan from Ethiopia. I have BA degree in
    Accounting and finance a Good GPA. i am 23 years old. “my best
    wish in my life is to be one of intellectual people”, i have a willing to enjoy your scholarship. please select me …my telephone no +25191681713 Thanxs

  34. Iam Adam from Sudan iam undergraduate student at faculty of English language department ,my dream is to see my community stable, as a result of egnorance and literacy my community have civil war and many things been destroyed in that region which is called farfur, therefore I am looking forward to improve my skills to be a server in my community to help bring about development and peace and untill that blessed day comes I have to improve my self to do better To be better .

  35. Hellow, I am Khadija Juma from Kenya. Holder of a bachelors degree in Bsc. Biotechnology. I would love to further my studies and persue a masters degree abroad. I will appreciate any aid given.

    Thank you.

  36. Bonjour
    Je suis Hachim des comores, je suis interessé par accompagnement et assistance.
    Merci et portez vous bien

  37. I really need a scholarship for my further study. I really want to continue my study but my parents cant support me any more so i really need scholarship. I am from Myanmar and i want to study i Thailand.

  38. IAM pr sydney akankwasa from uganda east africa,I completed A level..S6 SOME YEARS AGO but failed to get tuition for further studies. i wish I can get scholarship and study a degree in theology.thanks GOD BLESS.

  39. Hlw sir /madam…thank you for the information….i am student of humanities as well as LLB. ..if given me scholarship i cancontinue my study…

  40. Plz can we assist me with funds(scholarship) i want to finished the training of millwright so that i cn get my trade test,i am a semi-skilled

  41. Hi sir /madam I will be really greatful if this scholarship is granted to me i intend to carry on a degree programs in accounting

  42. firstly I would say thanks giving these free scholarship chance.then if you get these chance please contact with me by email .

  43. Hello
    It is an honor to write to you and thank you very much for your attention. Im kindly requesting for a scholarship chance to study a degree in computer science. Thank you very much for your consideration. I appreciate your time.

  44. Salut je suis yahiaoui taki Eddine de l\’Algérie j\’espère bien obtenir une bourse et j\’ai un Master 2 dans la gestion des ressources humaines

  45. I hope you\’ll offer me the schollorship applications because am having financial problem in pursing my undergraduate degree in agriculture and rural development. i be happy when I\’ll be offered this chance

  46. Really, I am appreciating a scholarship of free of tuition fee or free of charge,
    I have a bachelor of science with a major of Biomedical Engineering that I learnt through
    distance learning. Now I need to attend a class to specialize the subject and get practical and experience.
    Therefore, I would like to help if you on stage that you can help.
    All the Best
    Kismayo, Somalia

  47. I will be greatful..for any scholarship programmes at your university. ..am satya persie requesting for a metrology program there. I have a U.A.C.E certificate.. Ugandan ..international certificate to join university..

  48. I need a scholarship since i cannot pay for myself to further my education since am unable to pay for myself and I\’m the only son my mum has the rest are girls so i need to finish my studies and get a job to be able to support me and my family.

  49. Wt u wann…if u want to increase ur post highly..then never give up do ur best don\’t send Faek email message .I got tired..plzzzzz

  50. hello, i am joseph paul from Uganda, i thank you for the opportunity you gave me the online scholarship, but I wanna specialize in Refrigeration and air conditioning management, if there is one please let me know

  51. Hi sir I\’m Rebecca Wilson from Liberia i will be greatful if you give me this scholarship to continue my study. Your sincere regard Rebecca Wilson

  52. my name is mohamed hassen from ethiopia itis my dream to get this opportunity iam very to be selected if possible to get better education

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